Indica | AAA+ | THC: 17%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Relaxation                       100%
  • Hunger                              80%
  • Sleepiness                         80%
  • Giggles                               70%
  • Numbness                         70%
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Blueberry is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid strain with an indica/sativa ratio of 80%/20%. This cannabis variety comes with an amazingly powerful genetic, as it’s a three-way cross between three strains: Afghani, Purple Thai, and Thai. With strong genetics comes a nice level of THC, ranging between 16% and 24%. With its unmistakable taste and smell of fresh blueberry, this indica-dominant hybrid has become one of the people’s favorite strains of all times. In fact, back in 2000 Blueberry won Best Indica award in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Small and dense buds of the Blueberry marijuana strain look like typical indica-dominant flowers. These buds are deep forest green in color with some hints of red and purple. Blueberry comes with grape-shaped buds that are sprinkled with fiery orange pistils and tiny amber-colored glands. Heavily covered with crystal clear trichomes, the buds of Blueberry are very eye-catching and, when cured properly, they also smell incredibly good.

The buds of this indica-dominant hybrid come with a delicious aroma of fresh blueberries that are both sweet and sour. When grinding the Blueberry’s buds, you’ll smell a more complex aroma bouquet, including some musk and spicy scents. These buds also smell a skunk when smoked, and the smoke is surprisingly delicate and smooth for an indica-dominant hybrid. As for the flavor, Blueberry tastes exactly as it sounds: like sweet and reminiscent of blueberries on both the inhale and exhale.

Although widely popular, Blueberry is not a strain for everyone. With its high levels of THC, the hybrid is notably potent, even for regular and highly experienced marijuana users. The high starts with a feeling of physical relaxation and heaviness that may lead to the so-called “couch-lock effect”. Followed by a sense of therapeutic calmness, Blueberry allows the user to unwind and relax after a long day of work.

The hybrid also shows some sativa genetics that provides some slight mental effects starting with a euphoric vibe and cerebral mood. Some users may also feel giggly and chatty. When smoked in higher amounts, the Blueberry strain may lead you straight to bed. Thus, it’s a great strain for tranquil evening use, rather than for a productive and active day.

If you’re interested in the medical properties of the Blueberry marijuana strain, it’s actually a very strong medical plant. This indica-dominant hybrid may be helpful in a range of conditions, including pain, whether chronic or short-term. Because of its relaxing properties, Blueberry may be a perfect choice for those dealing with stress, anxiety or even PTSD, as it provides both physical and mental relaxation. Moreover, the hybrid may also help with some appetite issues, as it causes heavy munchies.

All in all, the Blueberry strain is an ideal choice for easing any racing or negative thoughts and numbs in your head, making you completely relaxed and stress-free.


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