Buckeye Purple

Buckeye Purple


Relaxed               88%
Sleepy                  77%
Euphoric             38%
Happy                  38%
Hungry                33%
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Buckeye Purple by Melvanetics is an indica-dominant cross of heavy genetics. Created by breeding Gorilla Grape and Granddaddy Purple, this beautiful cross produces pink and purple colas that reek of sweet floral terpenes. Buckeye Purple is known for its deep relaxation and leaden couchlock, as well as its reasonable flowering time of approximately 7 to 8 weeks.

There’s something about a woman’s touch that makes everything right in the world, and since the mysterious Melvanetics claims to offer that with every strain they breed, it’s no wonder that Buckeye Purple is incredible. Developed by crossing Gorilla Grape and Granddaddy Purple, this bud is just as tasty as she is relaxing.

Great for most users, Buckeye Purple hits a high of 20% THC but often comes in lower, so newer smokers are welcome to take her for a spin. Olive green nugs are quite hairy with a very thick carpeting of amber pistils as well as chunky trichomes that look both white and purple in the light. The flavors and aromas of this strain do actually differ from each other but are a nice pair, with a grape taste that’s accented by spicy berries. As you exhale, diesel, earth, and flowers will fill the room.

Individuals who truly want to zone out at the end of the day might sometimes be frustrated with hybrid strains, as the uplifting effects often take a while to work through before relaxation hits. Buckeye Purple is entirely different – honestly, you’d be surprised she’s not a pure indica bud. While your mind will be lifted to a joyful place right away, you’ll also get to experience a super sedating feeling that attaches you to your couch for hours. Hunger might set in if you’re awake long enough, but most should prepare to fall asleep wherever they end up settling in.


7g, 14g, ounce, quarter pound, half pound, pound

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