Dump Truck

Dump Truck


Hybrid | AAA+ | THC: 19%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Euphoria           100%
  • Happiness         100%
  • Energetic              95%
  • Relaxation           55%
  • Focus                    55%
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Cannabis breeders can get really creative when it comes to naming their strains, but if there was ever a more misleading name for a kush, it would be Dump Truck.

Don’t let the name fool you; Dump Truck belongs in your bong, not your trash bin. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossing the all-famous Afghani Hash Plant with Purple Trainwreck, scoring between 17% – 19% THC on average. Dump Truck offers users an energetic and cerebral high without the racing thoughts and anxiety some THC-rich strains tend to produce.

Appearance-wise, Dump Truck is also a far cry from trash — there’s no way to pass the strain without the urge to put your nose in the entire bag. Its buds are almost aqua-colored and threaded through with rich orange hairs, with bright white trichomes on the surface.

Dump Truck has an interesting aroma profile, offering users a delicate blend of fruity scents with undertones of mint and dirt. Upon exhale, you will notice sweet and savory flavors intermingling to take you on an adventure through the palette of sugary sweet mint accentuated by earthy tones

The Dump Truck cannabis strain has been created for those who are looking to hunker down with a partner and indulge in its sexually stimulating, euphoric high. The fact that the aromas of this hybrid resemble a scented candle makes the sensory experience even more mesmerizing.

Once that 19 % of THC enters your lungs, you will both enjoy the undisturbed focus that comes with the first wave; once that feeling sets in, the energy will wind down into the easy but super uplifting come down, so if you feel it’s the right time to curl up in the sheets and let the magic happen — just do it.

But most importantly, be prepared for some heavy-hitting munchies. If cannabis is a gateway to anything, it’s hands down your fridge, and Dump Truck is a living testament to that.

This arousal combined with the gargantuan appetite boost makes the Dump Truck cannabis strain ideal for people suffering from low libido, eating disorders, and mood swings. Additionally, noticeable focus improvement can help in cases of ADHD, bipolar disorders, and chronic strain. It can also curb anxiety, headaches, and nausea.

Are there any downsides to using Dump Truck? Well, as with most cannabis strains, you can expect intense dryness in the mouth accompanied by dry and red eyes. To be honest, this isn’t the most discrete strain if you’re about to hit the town for a meeting afterward.

On top of that, this strain is extremely easy to grow at home, both indoors and outdoors. It usually flowers in 8 to 10 weeks — or late October if you’re growing outside — before it’s ready for harvest.

Perfect for any time of the day, Dump Truck is one of the most exciting sativa-dominant hybrids to try for those weed lovers who would like to experience the sensual side of their herb.



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