King Tut

King Tut


Sativa | AAAA | THC: 20%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Happiness                        100%
  • Euphoria                             85%
  • Uplifted                               80%
  • Energetic                             75%
  • Creativity                            70%
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It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that a strain from Pyramid Seeds would be named after one of the most iconic pharaohs — King Tut (Tutankhamun).

King Tut is a sativa-dominant hybrid and an offspring of AK-47, coming with incredibly high levels of THC. Some batches test upwards of 29% of THC, so the strain is not for newbies. In the right hands, though, it can bring a powerful and enjoyable high compared with a rich (like King Tut’s tomb) profile of medical benefits.

King Tut is surprisingly airy to the touch, tempting cannabis aficionados with its light-green buds that are threaded through with pale amber-colored pistils and covered with a layer of crystalline trichomes liberally sprinkling the surface of the fluffy nuggets.

The tomb of King Tut must carry a dank and earthy smell — at least that’s what the strain’s fragrance suggests. This sativa-dominant hybrid is both pungent and skunky, underlined by slight floral notes that tone it a notch. As for the flavor, it’s not as distinct as the aroma. Upon the exhale, you can feel a sweet and fruity taste blended with citrusy accents.

King Tut has one of the highest THC levels among all strains. Paired with its sativa-driven nature, you can expect its effects to be mind-focused. The initial headrush is full of euphoria and positive energy, alleviating stress and anxiety in no time. It’s like an instant transformation for your mood.

As the mental high begins to reach its peak, the mind gets cleared of racing thoughts, allowing the user to focus on the daily routine and other activities that sound more fun when the King Tut cannabis strain is around. You can expect a long-lasting high that will keep you energized for as long as you need, which makes King Tut a perfect daytime choice.

King Tut’s ability to uplift mood and induce euphoria is a particularly useful trait for treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Additionally, high concentrations of THC are one of the main reasons why medical marijuana users consume this bud for pain relief, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Oh, and keep in mind to have some snacks at hand, or a hearty meal to please your tummy, as it will make you want to travel back to Ancient Egypt and indulge in a truly royal feast.

When smoking King Tut’s fragrant and potent buds, it’s important not to let the King’s blessing become a curse. With such an extremely high THC content, dry mouth and dry, red eyes are guaranteed. Moreover, smoking too much of this strain may result in elevated anxiety or paranoid thinking, which should pass with time. Also, the Sativa genetics can make some users also feel a little dizzy at the onset.




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