Sweet Berlin

Sweet Berlin


Sativa | AAAA | THC: 23%, CBD: 0.2%

  • Relaxation                        100%
  • Happiness                          80%
  • Euphoria                             55%
  • Uplifted                               50%
  • Giggles                                 50%
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Effects: happy, energetic, uplifted, euphoric, focused, relaxed

May relieve: fatigue, attention deficit disorders, depression, lethargy, creativity blocks

Sweet Berlin is a remarkably potent sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain was created by crossbreeding three different landrace varieties, namely Haze, Skunk, and Cannalope Haze. Although the exact sativa/indica ratio remains a mystery, experts estimate it between 60:40 and 70:30. The high from Sweet Berlin is a textbook example of a stimulating sativa, providing a very clear-headed and uplifting buzz that lasts for an extended period.

Physically, Sweet Berlin looks like the majority of crossbred strains from Haze/Skunk parents. It has a rich green color and is covered with dark orange hairs and frosty trichomes carrying 23% THC and only 0.2% CBD.

We actually haven’t ever heard anyone complaining about the aroma and flavor of Sweet Berlin, and we’re not surprised by that, because hey, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this very sweet, flowery aroma that pleases both the nostrils and palate. Speaking of which, the smoke is exceptionally smooth and has particularly sweet candy-esque flavor. It’s like a feast for your taste buds.

Due to the prevalence of sativa genes in Sweet Berlin, this strain is all about the cerebral buzz that leaves you both creative, clear-headed and stress-free. Similar to other sativa-dominant hybrids, this strain begins with a strong head rush that settles a bit after around 15 minutes to stir your imagination and raise your energy levels to run through the day like a bulldozer

Because Sweet Berlin induces a very uplifting high, the strain proves particularly useful for people fighting with chronic stress, social anxiety, attention deficit disorders, depression, and fatigue. Many medical marijuana users praise its buds for the ability to stir appetite and reduce inflammation, which helps them find relief from eating disorders and digestive issues.

Now, Sweet Berlin may sound delicate and soothing, but don’t get fooled by the inconspicuous name. With average levels of THC between 23% and 26%, the strain hits pretty hard and we would recommend it for experienced sativa lovers, as new users may experience increased anxiety and paranoia after overindulging in Sweet Berlin’s potent buds.

Additionally, dry mouth and dry eyes are likely to occur, but that’s actually the bread and butter of smoking weed.

Growing Sweet Berlin doesn’t require master skills, but on the other hand, growers need to remain patient until the flowers reach full maturation. Once they’re ready for harvest, only few cannabis strains can match the quality and quantity of their yields.

If you’re a savvy sativa connoisseur, Sweet Berlin may soon become your best bud. The energetic high provided by this sativa staple is an awesome way to boost alertness while remaining stress-free and full of creative ideas throughout the day.


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