Violator Kush

Violator Kush


Indica | AAA+ | THC: 22%, CBD: 1.5%

  • Relaxation                       100%
  • Sleepiness                          70%
  • Hunger                                55%
  • Happiness                          50%
  • Numbness                          45%
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Effects: relaxed, sedated, sleepy, euphoric, hungry

May relieve: insomnia, depression, nausea, pain, stress, anxiety, lack of appetite

Sometimes, all you need is some time off. A day filled with nothing but sweet relaxation can prove invaluable for our health and be more refreshing than a cup of premium coffee; and if you can smoke some nice hybrid during that time, it’s all the better. For one, Violator Kush won’t make you feel jittery if you spend a whole day inhaling its vapor and cherishing the stunning aroma and flavors it offers.

Violator Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels definitely above the average, as these can reach as much as 24%. Being a predominantly indica strain, this cross between the Hindu Kush and Malana provides users with a physical body high accompanied by some slight yet noticeable cerebral effects. Also, Violator Kush has an impressive CBD content for a typical marijuana strain, averaging around 1.5%.

The Violator Kush cannabis strain has nice compact buds whose color is almost royal-green and threaded through with amber pistils. On the surface of these astonishing nuggets, you will spot a decent layer of crystal-like white trichomes that make Violator Kush look frosty and a bit magical.

Violator Kush carries a pungent smell that can be described as a blend of a musty and earthy aroma of hash, which is, without a doubt, pleasant. The fragrance of this hybrid carries over to its taste with a hint of pepper and pine undertones; most users who tried the strain praise it for its delightful flavor.

You won’t have to wait long until the sedative effects of Violator Kush creep into the body. The majority of people describe this feeling as a tranquilizing body high that makes one feel lazy over time. As we said, this is one powerful strain, so the physical body can intensify to the point where you’ll end up couch-locked. However, when micro-dosed, Violator Kush can uplift your mood and stir creativity.

While recreational users find Violator Kush a great bud to use for days off, the CBD content between 1.5% to 2% makes it one of the most sought-after medical marijuana strains. It can relieve symptoms of chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, headaches, and chronic stress.

Users who went overboard with the strain report heavy eyelids with red eyes, and at the same time, constant thirst resulting from the dry mouth. Plus, if your THC-tolerance is low, we suggest that you don’t use too much of Violator Kush; otherwise, your anxiety may get elevated and even lead to a sudden bout of panic.

Although pungent and potent, the Violator Kush hybrid grows very short and rarely reaches 2 feet in height. On the other hand, it’s a bushy plant with dark green leaves that can handle some bulky resinous buds – and believe us, Violator Kush grows some of the most alluring nuggets we’ve ever seen.

When grown indoors, this cannabis plant flowers in 8 to 9 weeks, yielding between 16 and 18 ounces per square meter. In the outdoor environment, the harvest time is estimated somewhere in the middle of September. By that time, you should have anywhere from 22 ounces of flower per bud, but chances are, you’ll get more.


7g, 14g, ounce, quarter pound, half pound, pound

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