Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake


Hybrid | AAAA | THC: 25%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Relaxation              100%
  • Happiness                96%
  • Euphoria                  68%
  • Uplifted                    60%
  • Hunger                      45%
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Wedding Cake, sometimes also called “Pink Cookies”, is an indica-dominant strain with 60% indica leaning. Created by crossing some very popular genetics, this hybrid offers a balanced type of high and a delicious, vibrant flavor. Wedding Cake is a cross between the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies and the popular sour hybrid Cherry Pie.

Contrary to its name, Wedding Cake doesn’t exactly taste like a traditional dessert. Instead, it offers mostly tangy and sour flavor profile with just delicate notes of creaminess. The insane combination of effects provided by this hybrid makes it an amazing recreational and medical strain. As for the THC levels, they range between 16% and impressive 25% on average.

The Wedding Cake marijuana strain grows very large and colorful buds that come in a typical indica-like structure. Chunky, globular buds of this hybrid are forest and earthy green in color, covered with beautiful orange pistils. A heavy layer of trichomes is responsible for the strain’s impressive level of THC, but also for its very sticky texture.

When properly cured, Wedding Cake smells mossy and damp with delicate notes of citrus and skunk that let us know of its grandparent strain, the world-famous classic OG Kush strain. When grinding or breaking up these buds, you’ll smell some hints of spicy sandalwood. Wedding Cake gives a bit harsh, stinging smoke when combusted, but it also tastes rich and sweet on the exhale. You can also detect some subtle creamy cake notes in this marijuana strain.

The hybrid’s high hits fast and start primarily in the head. You can experience more fast-paced thoughts or intensified perception of your surroundings. The Wedding Cake marijuana strain offers a euphoric, happiness-inducing high that lasts for about an hour until the typical indica-like effects take in. Then, you may experience a pleasant warmth traveling throughout your body that later on turns into heaviness. However, even with its powerful sedative properties, Wedding Cake will still keep you in a cerebral mood, allowing you to enjoy your time.

The strain comes with an amazing holistic combination of both physical and mental effects, that may be beneficial in a range of areas in life, including creating art, reading books, sports, and even at work. Be careful though, as the high continues, the hybrid may lead you to a strong body high. In fact, when consumed in higher amounts, Wedding Cake may give a couch-lock effect.

As mentioned before, this strain comes with a range of medical benefits. It may be a great choice for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. The marijuana stress helps to get rid of stress and negative thoughts. Moreover, it may also help with ADD and ADHD, as it helps to focus on specific tasks. With its relaxing properties, the hybrid offers relief in both temporary and chronic pains and aches.  In higher doses, Wedding Cake may be extremely beneficial for those who have trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia.


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